Traditional Judeo-Christian Values

That’s why a key route to settling and establishing AnVoy America to be a “beacon of hope” is the Spiritual Route.  We are laying a firm foundation based on the same Traditional Judeo-Christian Values that our forefathers used to settle America 400 years ago.

We want to return to the original intentions of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  We want to establish AnVoy America on the following 7 Core Spiritual Values:

Traditional Judeo-Christian Value Opposing Secular View
#1 Faith in God – We believe in a single, all-powerful, all-knowing, eternal God: the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. God doesn’t exist. We believe in science and reason.
#2 Universal Truth – God reveals unchanging truth via Holy Scripture (Bible/Tanakh). Morals are universal. Truth can change. Morals are relative.
#3 God Created Everything – God created the universe and everything in it. Everything came from nothing.
#4 Life is Sacred – God gives life. All human life is especially precious, even the unborn. Society decides which lives matter.
#5 Redemption from Sin – People are born with a sinful nature and need redemption. People are inherently good and trustworthy.
#6 Accountability to God – The body dies but our soul (spirit) lives eternally. Souls will be judged by God according to His laws. God will reward the good and punish the wicked. Everything ends with death.
#7 Spiritual Warfare – God allows spiritual battles between good and evil, but He ultimately wins the war. There is no “spiritual world,” only a physical world.

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A Spiritual Journey to a Better World

Our route to AnVoy America will cover the following Waypoints:

  1. Are Spiritual Values are key to a free, stable and productive society?
  2. What roles do Prayer and Bible study play in a successful spiritual journey?
  3. What is truth? How does a firm foundation of Truth benefit us?
  4. How important are traditional values with respect to sexuality, marriage and family?
  5. Should we put our faith in Creation or Evolutionary Theory?
  6. Is human life sacred and when does it start?
  7. Do we have a sinful nature and how can someone be saved?