Choose a Mission

1 - BibleTide1 - General Promotion0
2 - More of God's WordOur culture needs MORE of the Bible, not LESS! Help get us BACK to the BIBLE by writing and sharing verses.0
3 - More Prayer and PraiseHelp demonstrate the POWER of prayer by sharing your Answered Prayers with others via Praise Reports0
9 - Finish Strong0
16 - CommunicationCommunication is Critically important0
2 - Marriage and Family7 - Marriage and Family PriorityGetting married and having a family is one of the greatest things a person can achieve. In today's world, it is what we need most.0
8 - Marriage Maker Project0
10 - Marriage Keeper0
11 - Family Builder0
8 - Truth14 - Deception AwarenessOur children are being targeted by a highly organized, overwhelming campaign of deception0

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