Continually Improve the Impact You Make

The enemies of truth don’t want you to know that you can do so much more to defend and promote the Biblical Principles you hold dear!

With the help of BibleTide, your efforts can create a massive “ripple effect” like throwing a stone into a calm lake!

By “doing more” we don’t mean working even harder than you already are.  We mean working smarter to get even better results in less time and effort!

Yes!  We can turn the tide in the cultural battle for the hearts and minds of our youth!  And we must!

What is BibleTide?  And Who is it For?

BibleTide’s goal is to help individuals and organizations fight the cultural war more effectively.   Good people are already busy doing good things.  They want to do more to defend and promote the truth, but don’t have time, or don’t know how.  This is a real problem.  We need these individuals fully engaged because they are in the best position to reach the young people close to them.

BibleTide can empower even the busiest good people by providing everything they need to make as big an impact as possible.  We supply services, materials, and technology directly to parents, grandparents, mentors, etc.   We also can serve them indirectly through organizations like churches, schools, non-profits, etc.

Our goal is to recruit and train many “independent BibleTide agents” who will then sweep the country like a tidal wave,  empowering others to help turn the tide of the cultural war.

BibleTide Can Make Advocacy Easy for You

BibleTide provides busy people like you their own personal assistant (or agent) who works with them to maximize their influence.  Agents do most of the work for you to reach as many youth as possible, especially those within your “sphere of influence.”

Your BibleTide agent will use our state-of-the-art platform to set up an efficient promoting system just for you.  Our goal is to make this as easy and as “push-button” as possible, so that it requires as little time and effort from you as possible.   This system includes the follow promotional features personalized for you:

  • Your own web page
  • Audio and/or video files
  • Automatic email response
  • Printed materials

Current BibleTide Promotional Tools

The longer term vision for BibleTide is to offer several different ways to promote Biblical Principles (for example, we want to offer options that focus on different ages, languages or people groups), but to start we are offering tools focused on reaching youth.  They are called and

How WhizKidU and BibleTide Work Together

In our media-saturated culture, it is difficult to get the attention of youth.  WhizKidU and WhizKidBusiness combine to provide an engaging way to help insure that your loved ones not only understand Biblical principles, but also know how to defend and promote them.

Your BibleTide Agent will use WhizKidU (and WhizKidBusiness) to not only reach out to your loved ones, but also many other youth within your sphere of influence.  He or she will:

  1. Create a web page for you at WhizKidU.comYourName including an audio or video message from you.  (Here’s an example:
  2. Personalized full color paper brochures with your picture that you can share to promote the WhizKidU opportunity.  (Example coming soon)
  3. Help you setup and host home meetings if you want to.
  4. Provide you with detailed weekly reports showing your progress over time. Example BibleTide Report
  5. These reports show not only how many students certify that they believe the Biblical concepts, they also indicate with how many others they have shared them.

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