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Evolution or Creation – Does God Exist?


1) What is a common reason some people prefer to believe in evolution instead of God and Creation?

A) Because science proves evolution is true
B) Because people sin and don’t like the thought of God judging them
C) Because we see examples of micro-evolution which is the ability to adapt
D) Because God used evolution to create man
E) None of the above”

2) Explain the difference between micro-evolution and macro-evolution?

A) Micro is the God-designed ability of life to adapt to changes in environment
B) Micro and Macro are the same, only Macro is much bigger
C) Macro is the change between kinds of animals of which we see no evidence
D) Both A and C are correct
E) None of the above”

3) What is belief in Darwinian Evolution based on?

A) Religious faith
B) The fossil record
C) Lots of scientific evidence
D) The Hungarian Hypothesis
E) None of the above”

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