How It Started

BibleTide was Created by a Christian Missionary Helping at-risk, 3rd-world Youth

Bob Huber is a software entrepreneur who after living well in the US moved to Mexico and started orphanages. For 12 years the Hubers fought on the front lines of the cultural war for the hearts and minds of youth.

Seeing first hand how worldly deception destroys one generation after another, Bob became very passionate about improving education for youth. He felt called to use his God-given business and software talents to create a solution. He moved his family back to the US and has spent over 7 years developing BibleTide.

Hi! This is Bob Huber and I want to personally thank you for reading about BibleTide! Our children are under attack by our media saturated culture. Ask any ministry today and they will probably tell you that discipling youth is their main challenge. So please join us as we fight to protect our children, communities and country before it is too late!

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